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About Ovale Eggs

  Ovale Eggs is Eastern Canada's leading egg grader and distributor. Ovale Eggs specializes in:

egg distribution
  to supermarkets and grocery stores throughout:

New Brunswick

Every year, over 30 million dozen eggs leave the Ovale Eggs plant in Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon on Quebec City’s south shore.

  As a grader, Ovale Eggs distributes a number of varieties of value-added eggs marketed under a range of brand names, such as GoldEgg.
  Ovale Eggs is one of the six companies that make up National Egg, a grading group that partners six of Canada’s leading egg and egg product suppliers.

Certified quality through traceability

We assure traceability from your plate to our farms. We place a code on each of the eddshells that allows us to trace its source, so that you and your family can be assured of the quality of your eggs.

Egg-grading process

Eggs are sized by weight and according to the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Source : Egg Farmers of Canada